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“You begin by always expecting good things to happen.”

The above quote, from sales guru Tom Hopkins, is posted above my workspace.  Every day, it is my first thought as I start up my computer.  Striving to put my best effort into every project and focusing my creativity on each challenge have been the keys to my success (and happiness) throughout my career. 

Whether it be in design and creative development positions in advertising agencies and corporations; or managing communications and public relations for a non-profit; each day begins with the expectation that something good will come of my efforts.

I am an adaptable creative professional with almost 25 years of proven success in partnering with creative team members to foster results-oriented and on-target solutions for an array of clients.

I have demonstrated competence with these core strengths and look forward to using them to assist you in developing effective and attention-getting communications:

  • Ability to plan and prioritize multiple projects across a spectrum of communication outlets within tight deadlines;

  • Ability to quickly conceptualize and produce multiple unique ideas for presentation;

  • Polished communication and focused presentation skills;

  • An eye for well thought-out, original typographic treatments and layouts;

  • Deep knowledge of direct response design, formats, and postal regulations;

  • Comprehensive knowledge of paper, color, printing processes, and how to best achieve desired effect while staying within budget;

  • Experience with using stock, royalty-free, and custom photography and illustrations and directing photographers, stylists, and models;

  • Extensive experience with hiring, evaluating, and supervising in-house staff, freelancers, consultants, and vendors;

  • Experience with developing budgets and controls to responsibly track expense.

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• Mobile Phone: (267) 402-0284

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